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I recently watched Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, and while I did enjoy some of the movie, overall I felt underwhelmed as there was so much wasted potential.  Somewhere in Prometheus is a really great science fiction film, but sadly what we get instead is a mostly lackluster homage to the Alien franchise.  The technical elements of the movie and the performances were very good, so I’ll mainly be commenting on the plot, as the failings of Prometheus, in my opinion, rest in the screenwriting.

Lots of spoilers, so read on only if you’ve already seen the movie or don’t mind!

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One Direction: The Tumblr Interview

One band. Five boys. A recently completed US tour (plus a new one upcoming), and nearly half a million Tumblr blogs devoted to their every move. We ask the boys of British pop act One Direction — Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne — about realness, fandom, and what it’s like to be the object of so much feminine attention. For more on 1D, see our special fandom report, along with our gifset, video, and guide to becoming a Directioner.

What’s it like having swarms of girls chasing you around the globe?

LIAM: It’s very flattering obviously as we can see how much they care for us. We just hope they’re crying tears of joy! None of us could obviously ever have imagined this just two years ago. I don’t think anyone could have seen this coming to be honest. I don’t think there is anything hard about having such a dedicated fan base. It is actually great to know that there are people out there that love what we do since we put so much hard work into it. The pressure to not disappoint them is obviously there!

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Lately, I’ve noticed that I possess just about every negative quality there is. Frankly, this observation was starting to bum me out. I can’t even talk shit properly because I’m always thinking Well, I’m like that too.

But then last night I was watching Tiny Furniture (awesome movie). There’s…


birdartpoetry asked: Mister Gaiman, you’re kickass. I was just wondering, what do you think is the best way to seduce a writer? I figured your answer would be pretty spectacular.

In my experience, writers tend to be really good at the inside of their own heads and imaginary people,…




Brasil: By the Numbers

Brasil! It’s Tumblr’s second-largest country, and, last week, the site of two giant Tumblr celebrations, a 1,500-person meetup (#tumblrcuritiba!), and — get ready — a One Direction flash mob (at our Tumblr meetup). Here are a few highlights from the nation that’s the size of a continent. (And yes, gringos may spell it with a Z … the locals, not so much.)